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Visit to the Bank of England, May 21

on Thu, Oct 03 2013 08:50:07

This first event by our incoming Master Mr John Lamb was a visit to the Bank of England.

After a cinematic presentation of its history since its foundation in 1694 in the Bank museum's theatre, 21 members and guests had the opportunity to take in the wonderful and nostalgic collection of coins, stamps, real gold bars and bank notes through the ages.

Then after a good lunch in the Pickwickian "George & Vulture" Public House in Castle Court, we were wonderfully entertained by Bertie Pearce who spoke most eloquently of the former Pickwick Club and Charles Dickens before producing some 'magical' moments with sleight of hand, handkerchiefs and eggs with a surprising finale by creating a hat and handbag from torn up tissue paper.

Maureen Bonanno-Smith in fetching tissue paper hat at Bank of England visit

Pictured, Maureen Bonanno-Smith, the Hon. Social Secretary and Junior Warden, models a most fetching piece of headwear courtesy of tissue paper and sleight of hand by guest speaker Bertie Pearce