Tower Ward Club

Non praecurrimus sed pergimus

Tower Ward Club Events


March 13 Annual General Meeting Guildhall followed  by Annual Members' Luncheon
April 19 Visit to Wilton's Music Hall
April 25 Committee meeting 6.15 pm, Guildhall
May 15 Illustrated talk on The History of The City of London Police followed by dinner in Guildhall
May 25 All Hallows by the Tower, Beating the Parish Bounds,  3.00 pm
September 6  Visit to the City of London River Police Museum
September 19  Committee meeting, 6.15 pm, Guildhall
September 25 Visit to Greenwich to view Exhibition - Death in the Ice
October 25 Members' Annual Dinner on HQS Wellington
November 2 The Keys Ceremony at HM Tower of London
November 14
Committee meeting, 6.15 pm, Guildhall
December 14 Carol service at All Hallows by the Tower


January 26 Annual Pantomime evening at City Music Hall, Brick Lane
February 6 Committee meeting, 6.15 pm, Guildhall
February 18 River Jazz Cruise and lunch with the City Livery Club  Music Section
March tba Annual General Meeting followed by Annual   Members' Lunch, Guildhall

For further details of how to attent any of these events please contact us.