Tower Ward Club

Non praecurrimus sed pergimus

Where we are

Starting by the Tower of London, the eastern Ward boundary runs North from Sugar Quay Walk on the River Thames along Petty Wales, skirts the rear of the Tower of London visitor centre and crosses Byward Street to follow the line of Trinity Square and then North for a short part of Coopers Row before heading east again through the Grange City Hotel towards Crescent behind the original boundary of the Tower of London to rejoin Tower Hill. 

It then heads East along Shorter Street and then Northwards along Mansell Street under the bridge carrying the railway to Fenchurch Street station. It then turns West into Portsoken Street but crosses behind Ibex House to Haydon Street for a short while before heading North past the Iveagh Court flats to skirt the rear of 15 Minories along Little Somerset Street until reaching Aldgate at its most northerly point.

The line then heads South-West along Aldgate and into Fenchurch Street, turning South-East into Northumberland Alley and Jewry Street and Crutched Friars until it reaches Crosswall. Keeping to the Northern edge of Fenchurch Street Station it heads along Fenchurch Place to rejoin Fenchurch Street which it follows until Mincing Lane at its most westerly.

It then turns South, takes a turn along Dunster Court, Mark Lane and Great Tower Street - a short portion of the original Tower Street from which the ward takes its name - before rejoining Mincing Lane which it follows before heading East into Cross Lane, past Bakers’ Hall Court and crossing Lower Thames Street to run along Water Lane across Sugar Quay Walk back to the Thames. 

Full details at the City of London site.